“Cinematic Sea”

“Cinematic Sea” – Latest CD

Taking time out from their other band Portmanteauxa while back Henry and Steve realised that they had a bunch of unfinished ocean-themed compositions scattered across their various recording devices. And so the concept for Cinematic Sea was born!

The album is all instrumental but diverse enough to hold the listener’s interest throughout its 49 minutes.

Tracks such as Algo Espagnol, Sweet Complication, Coral See, Haunted and Burning Inside explore somewhat epic territory referencing a range of influences from The Shadows, the surf sounds of The Ventures and Dick Dale to Jeff Beck and Pink Floyd.

Only One and Island are more intimate offerings – the latter featuring a great soprano sax break from guest musician Philippe Conus. Count Me Out, originally composed with a short film in mindmixes 5/4 jazz with musique concrete to interesting effect.

Finally, the heart and soul of the album is provided by the three guitar-led instrumentals Island HoppingPacific Reverie and Floating on a Wave, which leave the listener in no doubt about this recording’s tropical inspirations.